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About Mark Brennaman

I got started in the cannabis movement in 1977, when I was introduced to Gatewood Galbraith and his Kentucky Marijuana Feasibility Study. I focused my early years in researching industrial hemp, and how it became illegal in America.

I spent many hours in the library at the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture to discover and document agricultural commodity information regarding hemp. During this research, we uncovered Leaflet No. 25, Hemp Seed Project for 4-H Clubs. We also found USDA Bulletin No. 404, Hemp Hurds as a Paper Making Material. (This is the study that concluded one acre of hemp makes the same amount of paper as four acres of trees).

In addition to working with Gatewood, I worked with Jack Herer during the time we were exposing the Government's attempt to totally eradicate literature about hemp. Jack Herer was instrumental in dislodging the 1942 USDA movie, Hemp for Victory from the Library of Congress. They tried to tell Jack the movie didn't exist. After persistent discussion, Jack forced the Library to find and release the movie. From that moment, the race to save information about hemp was on, and we won! The Government's effort to hide hemp from us failed.

The marquee event of the Kentucky Marijuana Feasibility Study was the hosting of a medical marijuana conference in 1990. The top tier panelists were Drs. John P. Morgan (Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts), Tod H. Mikuriya (Marijuana Medical Papers), and Lester Grinspoon (Marihuana: The Forbidden Medicine), and attorney Gatewood Galbraith. One of the most moving witnesses presented at the conference was a young man who was diagnosed with full blown AIDS. He bravely testified that before he was introduced to marijuana, he was wasting away, sick, and getting sicker. A marijuana medic brought him a sack of marijuana and taught him how to roll. This young man came out of the shadows of illegal marijuana possession and demonstrated the power of cannabis to create appetite, reduce or eliminate nausea, which enabled him to nourish his body. There was not a dry eye in the conference gallery at hearing his story.

I retired from teaching student success courses at University of Central Oklahoma in 2017, and am involved in the cannabis movement once again.

My ultimate goal is to have the whole plant legalized the whole way. Every part of the cannabis plant has value, and we have a right to grow it for medicine, industrial hemp, and all other uses this plant offers.

62% of adults in America favor the legalization of cannabis, and that number is growing. When people conduct their own research, the reefer madness stigma dissolves.

Help me out. Get involved!

I'm asking you to get involved by writing Governor Stitt and your State Senator and State Representative asking them to support the legalization of the whole plant, the whole way. They won't ignore us forever if you do your part by telling them what you want. If you want cannabis to be totally legal let them know!

And don't just write them once. Write them once a week. Let your elected officials know that cannabis prohibition is a failed policy, and that the cannabis industry represents an opportunity for Oklahoma to catipult itself into a Top 10 State, like Governor Stitt desires.

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