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Kentucky Hemp Works Products
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Like our protein powder, our oil is expelled from hemp seeds using a mechanical cold-press. We NEVER use hexane or other dangerous solvents. Hemp seed oil is the base for most of our products because it contains rich nutrients like magnesium, potassium, zinc and iron. This green oil is bottled refreshment for your skin; replace your daily moisturizer with a few drops. Hemp seed oil is also high in omega fats and makes a great alternative to fish and flaxseed oils. Our hemp seed oil is cold-pressed which means that although it is suitable for some cooking, we advise against using it for high temperature cooking, like deep frying, or it could burn. Try baking with it instead, or using it as an ingredient in salad dressing. We love to mix it with garlic and spices for an omega-fortified alternative to bread and oil.

This protein-rich powder is a great source of key nutrients and vitamins and is a raw, vegetarian source of fiber and protein. The seed cake is refined to the consistency of a whole grain flour using a hammermill, followed by a stone-burr mill. Our process is strictly mechanical and does not use any chemicals or agents. Hemp protein is a highly digestible replacement for whey or soy protein powders (without undesirable effects like indigestion from lactose or high levels of estrogen from soy). Hemp seed is a vegan source of minerals such as iron magnesium, copper, and zinc.

Our Hemp Root Infused Beard Oil is the ideal oil to tame rebellious bristles and leave them soft and supple. The only ingredients are hemp seed oil, hemp roots and essential oils (frankincense and lavender). Chicks dig essential oils, and you never want to stab them with unruly beardage. Throughout history, hemp roots have been known to stimulate hair growth, while hemp seed oil leaves your manly mane supple and soft! Our beard oil can also be used anytime you need a hydrating lift. Whether you sport designer stubble or Duck Dynasty style face foliage, you want to know that your skin is healthy and glowing underneath.

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