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After you learn the information below, please share it with Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt and your State Senator and State Representative - Use the links below so you can share your views with your elected officials. If you don't contact them, they'll never know what's on your mind!

Support Legal Marijuana, the 3' X 5' painting seen here, was commissioned by Kentucky Marijuana Fasibility Study in 1977. It's a finger painting using acrylic paint on white formica. The artist, Michael Liberty Mac, would put paint on and take it off using all parts of his fingers, fingernails, and hands. The only implement he used was an etching tool to achieve detail in all the eyes in the painting.

Micheal Liberty Mac painted this from his heart, and as a healing endeavor, after being incarcerated in a Texas prison for 10 years for possession of one joint.

If you believe no one belongs in a cage for a plant, please contact Governor Stitt and your State Senator and State Representitive to ask them to support the legalization of the whole plant, the whole way.

Contact Your Governor and Legislators

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