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Our Mission

To educate the public and elected officials about the benefits of cannabis in all its forms--paper, oil, food, hempcrete, textiles, medicine, flower, plastics, fuel.

Public Outreach

Public Speaking

We're pursuing an aggressive public speaking campaign. Taking our message to community and professional groups gives us the opportunity to grow our base of support to legalize the whole plant, the whole way. Our goal is to help people let go of any stigma beliefs they may have once they learn new facts about cannabis.

In-Store Displays

Displays of hempcrete, hemp plastic, textiles and paper are scheduled regularly at public venues that can introduce facts about cannabis to a wide audience. Allowing people to pick up, hold, and inspect items made from hemp helps them understand the wide range of benefits this plant offers.

Social Media

Information about the many benefits of cannabis is shared daily to more than 20 Facebook groups/pages to enable supporters to communicate with their legislators and others who can advance the goal of making cannabis lawful in all its forms.

Educate Yourself! Campaign


We currently have the support of 57% of voters in Oklahoma. This campaign is designed to dramatically increase public support for lawful cannabis.


We regularly communicate with state representatives and senators about the economic benefits other states are enjoying where cannabis is legal for adult use. We also discuss with them the economic value of industrial hemp farming and commerce. Our ultimate goal is to educate legislators and to encourage them to legalize cannabis by statute rather than requiring a new petition initiative.

In addition to our direct communication with legislators, we conduct the Write Your Rep! campaign, seeking to get the public to write at least one email every week to their state representatives and senators about the benefits of cannabis.

How You Can Help

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Please consider donating whatever amount you can afford. Your contribution helps end cannabis stigma.

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